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Completing your tax return is not an easy task and yet we must ensure the accuracy of the information completed. The tax administration does not joke with mistakes even if they are made in good faith. To complete your tax return you need a series of information that is best to have on hand before you get into the thick of things. You can take help from tax preparation services free online as well.

The lack of knowledge of the taxpayer in this area often leads to omissions benefiting the Administration which, even if it were to note these pitfalls, will not make the adaptations since the taxpayer is responsible for the data he declares.

What documents do you need to prepare?

  • Your identity card
  • Your account number on which the administration may, if necessary, reimburse you
  • Information about your income. (income from work, income from property, property income, cadastral income, pension, pensions, financial results for traders and professionals, allowances and allowances.)
  • The breakdown of your professional expenses (including the social contributions of the self-employed)
  • The tax certificate relating to your mortgage loan and your individual life insurance relating to this same loan
  • Tax certificates relating to loans taken out to finance investments aimed at reducing your energy consumption (photovoltaic panels, new energy-efficient boiler, insulation of the roof, walls and floors, replacement of single glazing for double glazing, etc.).
  • Expense bills made to save energy in a home.
  • The count of payments made as part of your pension savings.
  • The count of payments made as part of your long-term savings.
  • The amount of childcare expenses (for children under 12, or under 18 if they are severely disabled)
  • The breakdown of payments made by local employment agencies
  • The count of payments made for benefits paid with service checks.
  • Documents relating to tax reductions such as the costs of securing a home against theft or fire, the acquisition of shares of approved development funds, the expenses incurred to acquire a new electric vehicle.
  • Your account numbers and life insurance abroad.
  • Certificates of tax deductible donations
  • The settlement of your advance payments for the 2015 tax year

The certification of the payment of a compulsory mutual insurance contribution called “compulsory contribution of financial responsibility”.

The amounts of maintenance payments paid.

Apart from contacting with Tucson Tax Preparation Services, you can benefit from additional time by completing your tax return on the Internet. Online service of tax services tucson az to return your tax return is a secure tool. Very functional, internet will guide you step by step in your statement by facilitating your task. Thus, some of your personal data, already in the possession of the tax authorities, will be pre-filled. And, if you had to make a mistake by mistaking a heading for example to complete certain data, a message appears on the screen.